**Holiday Alert** Halloween Promotion Ideas


I know, I know. Kids are just now headed back to school, it seems way to early to start talking about the holidays, right? It’s actually never too early to start thinking about holiday promotions. These are items that you are going to want to have ordered and ready to hand out a couple of weeks before the holiday. That … Read More

Back to School Promotional Items


Promotional items can get monotonous and tend to be mundane (let’s be honest, you can probably come to this deduction by going through some of the previous blog posts). However, this is the best time of year! Back to school time! The one time of year where all the classic promotional items are now completely and totally relevant and most … Read More

Online Advertising: The Good and the Bad

online ads

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips. It takes no effort to be connected to the world and to be on the internet. Whether it’s scrolling through social media sites, looking up random questions and facts, watching youtube, or online shopping, people are constantly connected to and active on the internet. This opens up a whole … Read More

Company Spotlight- Centennial Middle School


Centennial Middle School is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year! Founded in 1996, Centennial Middle School has spent the past 20 years providing a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and grow. The school mascot is the Timber Wolf, and like the wolves of the wild, they look out for one another. This past year, Centennial hired a new … Read More

Best Branded Products I Have Received

branded baseball

Some branded products leave more of a lasting impression than others a lot of this is dependent on their functionality and the amount that they are used and seen. Some of the best branded products I have received are ones that I use on a daily basis and help improve my organization and add convenience to my life! Grid Lined … Read More

Trade shows: Are they important and what do you bring?

Trade shows are a hassle to attend and often very expensive, it is easy to convince yourself that they aren’t worth the trouble to make it a priority… this is a mistake. Trade shows are worth the expense and if you do them right they can be one of the best marketing decisions you can make! The main purpose of … Read More

What Goes Into Rebranding?


Rebranding is always a risky move, it can be disastrous to a company and ruin a brand… or it can change the game completely and add success and popularity to your  company. The trick is knowing how and when to rebrand, it’s all about asking the right questions! The first question to consider is when is the right time to rebrand? … Read More

Company Spotlight- Redcore Design

Redcore Logo

Redcore Design is the epitome of the American Dream.  Founded by Bryton Wood, Redcore started small and worked its way up to a successful design company. Bryton began in Payson, UT working in various sign shops as his art teacher had encouraged him to do. He enjoys the work and is good at it; he has an eye for design. Bryton … Read More

Promotional Products With The Best Return

baseball cap

Getting your company’s name and brand out in the public doesn’t have to be as difficult as a TV commercial, billboard, or radio ad. A simple promotional product can go a long way in making sure you are seen and heard and that your brand is noticed by the greatest amount of people. You want to advertise in a way … Read More

Why Company T-shirts?


Company t-shirts are becoming more popular and more relevant especially in high tech and corporate jobs. This is a big change from the more traditional business attire consisting of slacks, button up shirts, skirts, suit jackets, and the occasional tie. The question is, why is the switch being made? Is it worth exploring for your own company? Solidarity Football teams, … Read More