Vinyl Banner Care Tips

Your vinyl banner has finally arrived and you’re ready to advertise your stunning new product. You want everyone to see your vinyl banner but you also want to take care of it. To help you get the most out of your vinyl banner we’ve provided care tips from the vinyl banner experts here at Namify. This is what they have to say:

1. Roll, Don’t Fold

When you store your vinyl banner, roll it, don’t fold it. If you fold your vinyl banner it will leave a crease which will appear when you display your banner. Rolling your banner may yield some curvature but that’s easy to fix. Simply heat it up with a blow dryer or another heating device. If possible, store the banner in a tube to protect the vinyl banner from dust and climate fluctuations.

2. Laminate

For the most bang for your buck; laminate your vinyl banner. Lamina is a clear thin plastic sticker that goes over the print of the vinyl banner. Without lamina, the ink is directly exposed to sun, wind, rain, etc; and will fade much more quickly. Lamina prevents your ink from fading and keeps the print clean and pristine. You’ll soon find, the extra cost is worth it.

3. Wind Slits

Have you ever questioned why there are holes in vinyl banners? The holes allow for the easy flow of wind through the banner. Without the holes, the vinyl banner turns into a mounted kite. One of the vinyl banner experts at Namify says, “The wind will get to it before the sun does.” To prevent your vinyl banner from flying away or from getting torn we suggest you invest in wind slits. This allows your vinyl banners to endure even the harshest of storms and wind.

4. Mesh vs Vinyl

There are two types of vinyl banners, mesh banners and vinyl banners. The main difference between the two is a mesh banner has little holes evenly placed across the surface were as a vinyl banner does not. If you’ve ever seen a mesh banner you’ve probably seen it in a construction site or draped across a window.  Here’s how a mesh banner and vinyl banner compare:

5. Life Expectancy

Sadly, your vinyl banner won’t last forever. If you want to keep advertising your astonishing new product you’ll eventually need to replace your vinyl banner.  Here at Namify, the vinyl banner experts say if your banner is displayed outside it will need to be replaced after one year. If your banner is displayed inside it will need to be replaced after five years so long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

6. How do I clean my vinyl banner?

The Namify vinyl banner experts say the best thing to clean your banner is to apply a window cleaner like Windex to the dirty area and wipe down the window cleaner with a clean cloth. DO NOT use any cleaners that include solvents such as alcohol or bleach because this will damage the printed area of your banner permanently.

Now, you should feel confident in maintaining your vinyl banner.  We’ve given you all the tools you need to make your vinyl banner look the best. To learn more about vinyl banners, visit:


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