10 of the Most Unique Promotional Items

In the world of promotional products, a few have arisen as staples for any company or trade show.  Things such as pens, lanyards, can koozies, and magnets are always given out and always appreciated.  However, some companies are looking for something more unique and unusual to help their products stand out above the others.  Here is a list of ten of some of the most strange and unusual promotional items.

Branded Spices and Sauces

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Are your customers cooking and grilling enthusiasts?  They could really appreciate a variety of spices and sauces for all purposes!

USB Lightbulb

Promotional Products

This is a fun and interesting twist on your classic lightbulb or flashlight! It is the perfect way to shed some light on your logo for others to see.

Baby Fever Strip

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Though the babies themselves could care less what is on the fever strip, it is definitely a unique way to reach out to young parents while also showing that you care.

Custom Yoga Ball

Promotional Products

Who doesn’t want their own yoga ball with your logo on it?  Whether or not it is useful… you can guarantee that it will be noticed.

LED Clown Nose

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Clown noses can be a fun and adding an LED to it can only add to the fun. They would definitely stand out in a show, and probably be the only item of its kind.

Custom Replica Championship Rings

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A Super Bowl ring is a little odd, but definitely unique. This item is customizable and could be a great idea for some teams. It would make a great joke gift, and with a ring this size, it would definitely stand out above the rest!

Custom Toaster

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Not many people would consider sticking their logo on a toaster, but it can be done! A toaster may not be your usual choice, but it definitely stands out and it seen frequently. Your logo would be noticed anytime someone wanted a delicious, toasty snack.

Brass Pineapple Tumbler

Promotional Products

This is by far one on the more unique items we have seen, but maybe that’s what makes it a brilliant choice! If your logo was placed on this, I’m sure that no one would forget your logo anytime soon!

Engraved Metal Cowboy Hat

Promotional Products

This is designed to be a chips and dip holder, and is a unique object that will stand out at any party! With your logo on it, people will be sure to notice and remember it!

1 Gallon of Sunscreen

Promotional Products

While small tubes of sunscreen can be a great idea for a promotional item, an entire gallon would stand out enough that everyone would see your logo on the beach. Everyone. It’s a bit large, but you can ensure that your logo would stand out above all the rest.

We hope you enjoyed this list as much as we have and maybe it will spark some ideas for some completely unique ideas of your own.  Feel free to comment below with some of your own ideas of strange promotional items or click the button below to shop for your own promotional items.

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