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The Red Brick, out of Aspen, Colorado, is a nonprofit whose goal is to support local art by providing affordable art programs for children and adults.  They have been doing this for the past 40 years and have impacted many lives through their work.  The Red Brick is one of our valued customers and has been ordering name tags from Namify for a little over a year.  We were able to speak with Angie Callen, the executive director, and we asked her a few questions about the importance of branded promotional products.  The following is what she said:

What does your company do?

We are a nonprofit community art center.  We serve the whole community by having classes for youth and adults.  We have studios for local artists where they can hold classes and we also hold public events so the community can get involved with these local artists.  

Why do you order name tags?

We use name tags to identify the exhibiting artists in our public shows.  Every month we have a different art show in our gallery and we kick that off with a community opening reception where people can meet the artists displaying their work in the show.  The name tags help our visitors more easily identify the artists.


How has your organization benefited from using name tags?

They have helped our visitors identify the artists in the shows.  We used to use the “Hello, my name is” stickers, but having name tags, even though they are generic “Exhibiting Artist” tags, is a much nicer presentation and has a much better look and feel.  

Have you seen any positive results from your name tags?

We have been able to see more interaction between the community and the local artists.  Our whole mission is to get the community involved in art programs and nothing works better than interacting with a local artist.  The name tags help in facilitating this process.  

Do you use any other branded products and what purpose do they serve in your organization?

Yes, we use t-shirts, water bottles and fleeces.  We use these items as appreciation gifts to donors, volunteers, etc.  We used the water bottles for a special event we had.  We actually do not sell any products.  

What value do you see in using branded products?

For us, it is all about visibility and awareness.  We bought these products as we were going through a rebranding.  We used them to solidify the new look and feel as we began presenting our new logo to the public.  It is an awesome feeling to see your logo walking around town.  

The Red Brick has seen some great results from using name tags and we are excited for their success.  Imagine how much your business will benefit from using just a simple name tag.

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