Falling for Fall Apparel

Leaves are starting to change colors, the nights are becoming chilly, and the smell of pumpkin spice is everywhere: Fall has arrived! This opens a whole host of promotional and branding options! Of course there is the multitude of holiday options, but those are discussed in different blog posts (go read them. Seriously, they are fun), but in this post we are going to talk about Fall Apparel!

Apparel is pretty typical and easy and most companies already have their t-shirts, hats, and jackets that they distribute and brand. However, Fall is a fun in-between “melting hot barely wearing anything at all” and “so cold that I have to bundle up or risk freezing death” that offers a few cute options that should be taken advantage of.

Scarves. These are cute, stylish, and the options are limitless in color and design. They are cheap to produce (as far as apparel goes, it’s a strip of fabric) and they serve an actual purpose beyond fashion. They are easy to brand and embroider in a simple and classy way.

beaniesWhat goes better with a scarf than a cute beanie? Nothing. These are also easy to brand and look cute as a matching set. Your brand can be classy and stylish as well as useful as chilly weather sets in. These come in many different styles and can offer a number of cheap and fashionable options to distribute.

Of course, the traditional jacket is always suitable for Fall weather. It’s best with these to go for the nicer jackets. They aren’t too expensive, and you get way more brand recognition. A thin fleece jacket just won’t be worn as much as a nicer jacket. SanMar offers a wide variety of nicer jackets to brand, I definitely recommend starting there. socks

One of the best accessories and one that is rising in popularity are fun socks!
People love wearing socks that are fun and can add some style and change to their wardrobe. If you’re going to do socks, it’s easy enough to put a brand on them, but go big. Have fun patterns and designs. People will enjoy the break form the monotonous black or grey.

jerseysThere are a lot more options for Fall apparel that are sure to be a hit with your customers and employees, but there is one specifically that I want to highlight: jerseys. It’s the start of Football season. People are playing in the parks, watching it on tv, playing video game versions, etc. Why not brand a jersey for them to wear? Make the jersey your company color and put your logo on the sleeves!

Embrace the Fall! Order some new apparel and put your brand on it. It will be noticed and it will be appreciated.

As always, visit namify.com for all your branding services or call one of our reps for ideas and help with your branding endeavors!

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