**Holiday Alert** Halloween Promotion Ideas

I know, I know. Kids are just now headed back to school, it seems way to early to start talking about the holidays, right? It’s actually never too early to start thinking about holiday promotions. These are items that you are going to want to have ordered and ready to hand out a couple of weeks before the holiday. That means, thinking way ahead of schedule. So we’ll start with Halloween in August!

Halloween promotional items are fun ways to be seen and celebrate with your customers. Holiday promotional items stand out, make people smile, and are relevant, making them the perfect way to spread your brand.


Some of our favorite Halloween promotional items are creepy keychains. Skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, brains, Frankensteins, you name it and it can be a keychain and there is almost nothing cheaper to put a brand on than a keychain! Toss in some glow in the dark options and you are set!

Glow stick necklaces, bracelets, and flashing lights are perfect branding halloween_glowsticksopportunities for your company! Not only are they fun, but they are also very popular safety tools for children as they trick-or-treat and run around in the dark. Your brand will literally stand out as it glows throughout the night helping kids have fun and being a relief for parents. Parents will associate your brand with fun and safe and be grateful for your foresight and consideration by handing these out. Glow sticks are the perfect Halloween giveaways!

Trick-or-Treat buckets/bags are also easy and cost effective giveaways! With a clever Halloween design or shape, kids will be eager to use the bags with your brand.

skull_stressballStress balls are classic promotional items that offer a lot of flexibility around the holidays. Ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, brains, skulls, or even a cauldron, the
options are endless and are bound to be a hit with kids
and adults everywhere. Halloween shapes and colors are popular and people will have fun using them as decorations as well as toys and your brand will constantly be in sight.

Pens and pencils are also classic, but fun promotional devices. These are cheap and easy to produce and easy to hand out as well. Use classic Halloween colors (green, black, orange, purple) as well as Halloween patterns (skeletons, ghosts, witches, etc.) to enhance your brand and get into the Halloween Spirit.

And for the more bold, why not be just a little bit cheesy! Candy wrappers with candyyour logo on it are perfect for the Holiday season! Get in the mood for tricks or treats by keeping a bowl on your front desk with your company logo on the some chocolates. People will appreciate the gesture and take a few. Spread the Halloween spirit and share your brand!


Start the holiday season right and make sure you’re prepared for Halloween! Let us know if we can help with any of your branding and producing endeavors and visit namify.com for more ideas and to start your branding!

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