**Holiday Alert** Thanksgiving Promotional Items

I know, I know. We literally just talked about Halloween two weeks ago! But y’all, holidays this time of year comes fast and it’s best to be thinking way ahead of the game, and honestly, Thanksgiving is difficult. Halloween is spooky and fun, and then you have the Winter Holiday season with endless options and creative winter ideas and Thanksgiving can get pushed under the rug. Don’t do it! Take advantage of the holiday! Here are a few ideas to take advantage of Thanksgiving Promotions!

wine bottle stopperLet’s talk about wine. Thanksgiving time is a solid guarantee for tables covered in bottles of wine, sparkling ciders, or other bottled drinks. Branded wine bottle stoppers are not only useful, but can be classy, and a sure way that your logo will be seen. We know what people gravitate to after a long dinner with the family!

Mints are simple, cheap to brand, and always an essential when there is that much food involved. Onions will be everywhere in every dish this Thanksgiving. Hand out some branded mint containers and save your clients some grief when they have mints on hand to pop in their mouth after dinner! custom-engraved-cheese-board-knife-set-somethings-get-better-with-age--21113-p

Party cheese set. Hear me out, y’all. This may seem like a pretty expensive promotional item, but it makes a wonderful employee gift. Show some appreciation and give thanks to your employees with an engraved cheese cutting board and some cheese knives. Your logo will be noticeable and appreciated by all of their dinner guests!

Pocket thermometers are also crazy convenient during Thanksgiving! These are easy to engrave with your logo and cheap to distribute. This is the most important meal to prep of the year and it is probably the one time a year anyone actually uses a meat thermometer! Most people can’t track theirs down come Thanksgiving day and will appreciate having yours on hand!

turkey-stressball-superextralargeAnd what kind of promotional blog post would this be if we didn’t include the crowd favorite for branding items: stress balls! Turkey shaped stress balls are perfect and easy to brand and cheap to produce. We all know that Thanksgiving is the most stressful dinner of the year. Help a chef out, give ’em a stress ball shaped like a turkey and let them release their frustrations on that turkey, not the one you’ll be eating.

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