Name Tag or Nametag?


Short Answer

Either way works just fine.

trader joes name tag and comp


Long Answer

Problem: At Namify, we specialize in making name tags.  As such, it is important that we spell our products correctly.  The problem with it is that any where you look, name tag is spelled two different ways;  name tag and nametag.  The confusion only grows when you spellcheck these words using Google Docs and Microsoft Word.  In Google Docs, nametag receives the red underline of a misspelled word.  However, in Microsoft word, both versions are correct.  So is Microsoft smarter than Google?  Let’s look more into it.

Research: Looking at searching for name tag pulls up the page for nametag.  So nametag must be the correct way.  Right? Well in smaller letters under the title, there is a caveat that says, “or name tag,” implying that both are correct.  This same solution is backed up by other research we performed.  Everyone seems to agree that either way is considered to be correct.

name tag on

What do we use: At Namify, we have used both spellings over the years.  For a while we used nametag for everything.  However, we found some interesting data that changed our tactic.  Google has a tool that shows you how many people are searching specific keywords.  We used this tool to test for both name tag and nametag.  The results proved to be quite interesting:

name tag and nametag search on Adwords

We can see that almost three times as many people are searching for name tag, but it has a lower bid estimate.  This means that while more people are searching for name tag, companies are paying more for nametag despite that fact that it has a lower search volume.  Because of this data, we now use name tag.  We made this change because it is what most people are searching for and it is more cost effective to advertise for.  

So is Microsoft smarter than Google?  It seems that Google is is going off what most people use where as Microsoft is going off the dictionary.  So when it comes to name tags, I would say that Google is street smart and Microsoft is book smart, but more importantly: name tag is business smart. 

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