Promotional Products With The Best Return

Getting your company’s name and brand out in the public doesn’t have to be as difficult as a TV commercial, billboard, or radio ad. A simple promotional product can go a long way in making sure you are seen and heard and that your brand is noticed by the greatest amount of people.

You want to advertise in a way that you get the most return on your investment. What you want is a product that has a low cost per impression. A TV commercial or radio ad can only reach so many people. However, imagine if you used something like a baseball cap to advertise your brand. A person is likely to use their cap several times a week, meaning that anyone they come in contact with will see your brand. One person alone can advertise your brand to hundreds of people. The best part is that the cost of a single baseball cap is $0.002. This is unbeatable.

Promotional Products offer the best return. Research has proven this time and time again, I’m here to talk to you about some of the products with the best return for your bank. Top items with the best return include baseball caps, your basic BIC pens, t-shirts, calendars, tote bags, mugs, water bottles, lanyards, wristbands, etc. The list is endless and includes anything you can imagine. Let’s talk about a few of this items to get the juices flowing and ideas rolling!

Baseball Caps

baseball cap

As addressed earlier, baseball caps are insanely cheap to produce, and are seen by many people. Especially in these summer months, baseball caps are widely used will definitely be seen and noticed. A main key to success in promotional products is it’s usefulness and how likely it is to be seen. Baseball caps are cheap to produce and will be seen by hundreds of people weekly as well as being a product that is convenient and regularly used.

Water Bottles


With the summer months having arrived, people are using water bottles. Hiking, picnics, pool trips, and road trips are just a few places where people bring these water bottles and use them regularly. Again, this is a cheap product that will be in plain sight. With it being tourist season, people will bring these water bottles to tourist attractions and other places filled with other people. Water bottles go to public places, that’s why people use them. With your brand on one of these, it will be seen. More people have access to them than a TV commercial and it’s infinitely cheaper to produce.



Lanyards are classic promotional items. A lot of companies feel the need to avoid classic items. This is a mistake, they are classics for a reason. Lanyards cost almost nothing to make and are used more than most promotional products. People use them to carry name tags, IDs, keys, and other personal items. They are lying around homes, hanging out of pockets, around peoples necks and almost always visible by the people around them. Put your brand on them, make your brand be seen.


Ads and commercials certainly have there place in the marketing world, but promotional products are far more effective. Their cost is almost nonexistent and it sets people up to basically be your walking billboards. The most return for your money comes from the classic promotional product.


If you’d like more ideas and some estimates click on the link below and take a look around, or contact a representative!




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