Top 10 Branded Tech Products

Customizable Power Bank for Business

We have entered a technological age of a whole new level! People rely on technology and interact with it from the moment they wake up, to the moment they go to bed. This is what makes tech items perfect for promo purposes, chances are your products brand will be seen multiple times throughout the day. Here are some fun, useful, tech products that are bound to place attention onto your logo!

Laser Pointer


Every presentation is better with a laser pointer. The same way that every cat is more fun to play with when you have a laser pointer. It’s one of those products that every office and home have and is regularly used. Having your brandname on one ensures that it stays in the spotlight.


Car Chargers



Music, maps, phone calls, podcasts, etc. People use their phones religiously in the car for many different purposes. Because of this, having a car charger is not only wanted by many people, but necessary for most people. Putting your logo on a car charger ensures that people will see your logo multiple times a day.


Power Banks

customizable power banks

Along with car chargers, power banks are becoming increasingly popular as they allow for an easy to charge to any device on the go. They fit in pockets, around key chains, or in a small pocket in a purse. People appreciate a gift they can use and the logo will help them remember your services where ever they are.


USB Swivel Chargers 

USB Swivel Charger

For those that travel frequently, a USB Swivel charger acts as the perfect gift. It can use just one outlet and provides the user with several outlets and USB slots to charge all their devices. This is the perfect gift to get branded and give out at travel shows and for traveling business persons.



With Pandora and Spotify becoming the ideal choice for music, instead of the radio, bluetooth speakers are more convenient and provide the best solution to on the go music. Having a brand on a bluetooth speaker ensures your name being seen around the house, in the office, and at parties and events!


Bluetooth Trackers



People lose their keys several times a day. It is one of the most frustrating things that can occur! Many people are turning to the bluetooth solution. These key rings send out a signal to a persons phone or tablet alerting them to where there keys are. Using these as a promotion tool not only allows your logo to be seen on a key chain, but also makes your logo associated with peace of mind!


USB Drive 


USB drives are well known items in every office, home, and student backpack. Your logo can be associated with easy access, convenience, and is used several times a day by many. This makes for a great promo gift as it is cheap and easy to produce in bulk!





Headphones are some of the most popular tech gifts that can be given! Quality headphones are used daily and if not placed directly on someone’s head are hung around their neck. They are more noticeable and more popular than apparel and your brand will be noticed by everyone around.


Headphone Case


For those who prefer earbuds instead of the more bulky headphones, a headphone case is another great option for branding! A case keep headphones from being tangled and can easily fit into a pocket or bag. The small, flat surface is easy to brand making it the perfect canvas for your logo!





Computer mice have a spot on every desk and a nice, smooth operating computer mouse can make the biggest difference for an employee. Place a logo on it to make it more personalized to your company and hand them out as gifts to ensure that your logo is seen and used every day at work. It can be a constant reminder of your products and services.


Tech gifts make the best branded gifts because they are associated with convenience and are often the most useful kind of gifts. Getting any of these branded items will make people’s lives easier and associate your brand with success and functionality! If you would like to get personal items and tech gifts branded, click on the link below and we can help you out!



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