Left Over Promotion Items?


As we enter the start of the 4th Quarter it’s time to do some end of year organizing and cleaning. Summer was the big push for promotional items, and now, like most companies, you probably have a closet full to bursting with old promotional items. And like most companies, these…

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Why Company T-shirts?

Company t-shirts are becoming more popular and more relevant especially in high tech and corporate jobs. This is a big change from the more traditional business attire consisting of slacks, button up shirts, skirts, suit jackets, and the occasional tie. The question is, why is the switch being made? Is…

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Top 10 Branded Tech Products

Customizable Power Bank for Business

We have entered a technological age of a whole new level! People rely on technology and interact with it from the moment they wake up, to the moment they go to bed. This is what makes tech items perfect for promo purposes, chances are your products brand will be seen…

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10 of the Most Unique Promotional Items

In the world of promotional products, a few have arisen as staples for any company or trade show.  Things such as pens, lanyards, can koozies, and magnets are always given out and always appreciated.  However, some companies are looking for something more unique and unusual to help their products stand…

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