Are Name Tags Useful?


For years, name tags have been a staple of good customer service.  However, in recent years some of the most customer service oriented companies are leaving the name tags behind.  The question is, are name tags beneficial, or is it time to leave that in the past?

Why people do not use name tags:

The main reason people are not using name tags anymore is that some people believe that it creates an invisible barrier between your customers and employees.  Some high-end hotels are leaving the name tags and those tall counters behind in an effort to create a more friendly environment.  Tim Miller, a bigwig in the hotel industry, said, “[We] don’t wear name tags because we want it to be similar to when you’re at home and a friend stops by and stays with you for a couple of nights. We want to provide service in a less artificial way than would be implied by the dividing line of name badged employees and civilian-dressed guests.”

Another con of name tags is that the rising generation, the millennials, don’t like them. It can be difficult to push an idea on an employee that they are so against, especially when it seems like such a trivial matter.  This will only decrease employee morale, which will reflect onto the way they treat your customers.  With these millennials entering the workforce, some companies are making radical changes to accommodate them.  Name tags seem to be on the chopping block.

Why you should use name tags:

The biggest pro of using name tags is that they offer an extremely easy way to let costumers know the names of your employees.  The quickest and most used comeback to this fact is that employees can just tell customers their names and that requires them to be more outgoing.  This is true, however if your customers are anything like me, names go in one ear and out the other.  A name tag allows your customers to avoid that awkward question, “What was your name again?”  There is a great article from The Atlantic that explains how names are insignificant and don’t actually tell us anything about the person, so we replace them with facts that tell us more about the person, i.e. where they are from, what they do, etc.  Name tags help remove this problem all together to make your customers feel more comfortable with your employees.

Another strength of using name tags is that they allow your employees to be easily differentiated from everyone else.  I can’t stand it when I go somewhere and I cannot tell the difference between an employee and other customers.  Nothing makes me feel more stupid than asking some random person, “Do you work here?”  It is a lose-lose question as I always feel the need to justify myself whether I was right or wrong. Name tags alleviate any awkwardness and help make the customer experience easier and more enjoyable.

Finally, name tags create a sense of unity among employees.  Employees look for a sense of belonging where they work.  Most of the time, this comes in the form of having friends at the work place.  For the new employee you hire, that name tag gives them an “in” with your current employees and allows them to feel like part of the team from their very first day.

What do we think:

As we make name tags, we clearly believe that they hold an important spot in various companies.  However, we are not blind to the fact that some industries and some companies will do better off without name tags.  Our opinion is that name tags will almost always help, so far as they are done correctly.  A plain white name tag with a logo and name will not always prove to be effective.  When I was younger I worked at Legoland California.  On my first day I was issued an extremely creative name tag that fit the brand perfectly (pictured below).  Name tags, for Legoland California, served just as much to sustain brand image as it was to display a name.  As an employee, I was excited to have my lego name tag where I could customize it and make it my own.  Name tags like this are always effective.

We at Namify suggest that you invest in name tags, but more than that, invest in a name tag that will do more than just display a name.  Have a name tag that will promote your brand image and that your employees will be proud to display.


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