New Promotional Products Already Trending in 2017

Newest Promo Products 2017
Promotional products are one of the most successful ways to engage customers and represent what your brand is all about. Our clients love to stay on top of the hottest trends for branded items and we love to share ideas for promotional products with you! Without further ado, here are some of our newest customizable products that have already set themselves apart as trends in 2017:

Bamboo-Wooden-Phone-and-Pen-Holder1.) Bamboo Wooden Phone and Pen Holder

A creative yet stylish way to hold two of the most important items to go about your business day. This multi-function bamboo wooden holder is sure to be appreciated by employees and clients alike!

This classy wooden base holds your pen, phone, or business cards all year round. Bamboo is eco-friendly and prices start as low as $3.90 per item.


Square-Carrying-Cases2.) Square Carrying Cases

Here’s a universal promotional product idea that works with any brand or business:

Square carrying cases can be used to store earbuds, portable microphones, SD cards, etc. Our clients love this compact and functional hard case because it keeps items safe and is extremely portable.

We also offer a variety of earbuds that we can imprint with any size, any logo, and any color.


Lunch Cooler Bag3.) Lunch Cooler Bags and Grocery Totes

Lunch cooler bags with foil lining are perfect for recipients of all ages. We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and quantities to suit all needs.

Another item popular in this category are eco-friendly grocery totes. An increasing number of consumers are trying to cut back on plastic waste, so join the cause and take an environmentally friendly approach to your promotional products.


hot-cold-gel-pack4.) Gel Hot/Cold Packs

These gel hot/cold packs are such a unique way to promote your brand.

With thousands of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, it’s impossible not to find one that suits your cause. This example shown on the right is just one of the many ways you can use these items to make a statement.

Prices start as low as $0.15 per pack.

customizable-blender-bottle5.) Protein Shaker Bottle

These customizable shaker bottles can be used to blend protein shakes, flavored water packets, or energy supplements.

Each bottle includes a machine-washable mixer ball. We love this product because it endorses healthy living and is a useful for people of all ages (even infants – we offer smaller sizes for baby formula) all year round.

Check out our new selection of shaker bottles updated each month.

We can customize any product with any logo and would be happy to be a part of bringing your brand’s vision to life. Don’t have a design or logo? Our experienced designers at Namify Creative Services can help you get started today. Call us at (800) 470-6970 for questions about product availability, pricing estimates, and starting an order.

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