Best Promotional Product Ideas: Winter 2016


Just because it’s getting colder outside doesn’t mean you have to have lame promotional products. Instead, take advantage of the changing season with our winter apparel, fleece blankets, mugs, and other items to keep your fans warm and toasty all winter long. Promotional items are an important factor of a successful marketing strategy and improving brand recognition.

The best-performing promotional products are the most creative, practical, and relevant items to your business. We have hundreds of winter products for you to choose from, but to help you narrow the search – here are some of our most popular promotional product ideas for this winter:


Beanies are trendy, practical, and a great way to increase your brand recognition.

The NFL and other sports organizations hit it big with these beanies these past few years. It’s pretty common that you see at least a hundred at every televised sporting event during the winter.  We have a wide collection of beanies to choose from (including the same style major sports teams use) that you can use to raise awareness for your brand.

Other Winter Apparel


Winter apparel is also a good way to get recognition for this winter and all cold seasons to come.

How many of us have lost our gloves after stashing them away for summer? Or forgotten our favorite jacket one time while we were in a hurry?

From comfy sweaters, gloves and scarves to super soft jackets and sweats, our winter fashion items are the solution your fans will want to wear every day. Better yet, branded winter apparel makes your employees look more credible and uniform.

Fleece and Minky Blankets

winter-fleece-blanketBlankets are a good item to have year-round and especially for those employees out there who for some reason are always cold.

It just doesn’t feel practical to neglect a blanket when the cold weather hits, which could be the reason why our custom printed blankets are so popular.

Printed Mugs

custom-printed-mugsHere’s another item that’s extremely popular in the wintertime but also does great year-round.

Mugs printed with your brand name or logo look professional and are also an extremely affordable winter promotional product.

We have dozens of customizable mugs that you can preview now, starting at less than 40 cents per mug. If you want to get even more creative, we also have hot drink sleeves and travel mugs to make your business stand out of the crowd this winter.

Lip Balmchapped-lips-winter

It’s a fact: lips get more chapped this time of year because of the dry, cold air.

Chapstick or lip balm is a fun, creative way to show appreciation to your fans and set your brand apart.

Take a look at our branded chapsticks and lip balm to see if this affordable option is a promotional product that would fit your business. We love to put a unique spin on our products – that’s why we also offer “lip balm in a clip” and “man balm” so there really is something for every kind of audience.


What are some of your favorite winter swag items? We’re happy to help you find the winter product you’re looking for, just give us a call at (800) 470-6970 or browse our full collection to find your next most popular branded product of the season!

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