Back to School Promotional Items

Promotional items can get monotonous and tend to be mundane (let’s be honest, you can probably come to this deduction by going through some of the previous blog posts). However, this is the best time of year! Back to school time! The one time of year where all the classic promotional items are now completely and totally relevant and most likely won’t end up in someone’s junk drawer… at least not until next summer.

Items like pens, pencils, laser pointers, flash drives, lunch bags, backpacks, and gym bags are cheap and easy to produce and they are each appropriate items for kids to bring to school. This is a great opportunity to put your brand out there for a lot of people to see, and not just children. Parents and family members of children will see your promotional products daily. As will teachers, mentors, and other administration members.

A few favorite promotional items include:

Pencil Sharpeners

flip-top-sharpener-1Pencil sharpeners are necessary and useful and every child has one in their pencil bags and boxes. They are also easy to brand and are cheap to produce. Color, design, size, shape, are all factors that can be manipulated to reflect your product and your brand the best. They stand out and can be a fun way to display your company. Not to mention that they are perfect companions to branded pencils!


Every school shopping list requires a small ruler for each child and no child d1bc23dcfcfd80a34a15c5a5c4d04cc4wants the classic wooden ruler with the metal bar on the side. They are going to want something fun, colorful, flexible, and unique. These are other products that are cheap to produce and easy to brand. You have a full 6 inches to a foot of space to brand! Plastic, bendy rulers are so popular and so useful. Again, normally a product that would get placed in a junk drawer, but suddenly it’s necessary and useful and parents love an opportunity to save some money on a ruler!


Another classic promotional item used by many companies are the floppy 19434_Calculator_medcalculators and the magnetic calculators. These aren’t the fancy graphing ones, but they are still incredibly useful and most students need a simple calculator. The smaller and more out of the way calculators are easy to store and to work with. In fact, these are useful for a lot of parents of students. A simple calculator at easy reach to check over their child’s math homework is always a welcome asset!


Promotional products can be both fun and unique as well as useful. The best way to capitalize on the kind of advertising that branding provides is to be aware of what is happening in the world around you. Whether it be holidays, events, or something like back to school week, you want your products to meet the current needs of customers. Back to school products are a branding dream! For any branding needs, reach out to and see how we can help!

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