Best Branded Products I Have Received

Some branded products leave more of a lasting impression than others a lot of this is dependent on their functionality and the amount that they are used and seen. Some of the best branded products I have received are ones that I use on a daily basis and help improve my organization and add convenience to my life!

Grid Lined Notebook

grid lined journalA grid lined journal is far more convenient than a normal lined journal or notebook. The grid offers more for organization purposes and design. Whether the journal is being used for writing, accounting, design, or mental notes, it offers more organization and utilizes the space better. Because of this I use this notebook on a daily basis, which means that I constantly am aware of the branding on it and that brand stands out to me. Convenience, y’all. It stands out.


USB Car Charger 

Now I know we have talked about this one before, but I can’t stress to you enough how popular a USB car charger is! With my family living across the country I am constantly going on lengthy road trips. Like everyone else, I use my phone for music, and the battery is not going to carry me through a 12 hour drive while playing music and acting as my map and GPS. Instead of constantly plugging it into my laptop I use my USB car charger and it is a lifesaver! I see my branded charger everyday in my car and I associate it with being reliable, thus I associate the Namify branding on it with reliability.

Outdoor Toys

branded baseball

 I am not a mom yet, but I do have many cousins and nieces and nephews. We are constantly wanting to play outside and get the kids to run around. Any branded product that promotes this is going to be wanted and regularly used in homes and amongst families. Frisbees, baseballs, footballs, etc. have all stood out to me and my family and become our favorite branded products! 

Baseball Caps

I know, I know, baseball caps are a given. But come on, who wants to spend money on baseball caps when people are just handing them out for free?! They are useful, and honestly I rarely leave the home in the summer without one! Tons of people are seeing branded products because I just love baseball caps. I don’t even know what/who I’m representing half of the time!

Water bottles 

waterbottlesAnother seemingly obvious, but maybe this is a sign that the obvious ones are the best ones! I use my branded water bottles everyday. They are convenient and necessary, especially during the hot summer months. Branded water bottles are great for sporting events and I always take at least two with me when I go hiking. I love when a company hands out free and reusable water bottles!




My favorite branded products are the ones that I use daily. They are the ones that add convenience and organization to my life! Comment with some of your favorite branded items and visit for all of your branding needs!


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