Company Spotlight- Redcore Design

Redcore Design is the epitome of the American Dream.  Founded by Bryton Wood, Redcore started small and worked its way up to a successful design company. Bryton began in Payson, UT working in various sign shops as his art teacher had encouraged him to do. He enjoys the work and is good at it; he has an eye for design.

Redcore Logo

Bryton soon purchased his own vinyl plotter where he began working independently, starting with the Nephi County police cars as well as other local businesses in need of design work.

ASDFHDFHHDFGBefore long Bryton realized that he had a real business opportunity on his hands. Companies needed re-branding, and he had the necessary skill to provide it. His company now offers design and web development services for larger companies as well as walk-in customers.

Bryton rebrands and creates companies’ logos and graphics, and then has them printed on any promotional item requested by the company — namely lanyards, apparel, name tags, etc.

Redcore Design was hired to rebrand Campus View Apartments in Michigan.

Bryton’s clients find value in promotional items particularly for the impact they have on the company’s brand recognition. Not only does it affect a company’s clientele, but also helps build company pride among employees. People want to be a part of something important and having company apparel or “swag” is an effective way of doing just that. Secondly, promotional products are perfect for give-away items! To put it casually, people like free stuff. We interpret logos and designs, often subconsciously, on a daily basis through promotional pieces because items with logos stand out. Bryton argues that the use of promotional products encourages brand recognition which then makes your company a part of customers’ daily lives. In essence, it triggers them to think about your company when in need of a product or service in your industry.

Bryton uses for promotional products and says Namify is the “best around” for employee name tags. We are happy to work with Bryton as he continues growing a successful business! For more information about Redcore Design, visit or look him up on FacebookInstagram, or flickr.

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