Trade shows: Are they important and what do you bring?

Trade shows are a hassle to attend and often very expensive, it is easy to convince yourself that they aren’t worth the trouble to make it a priority… this is a mistake. Trade shows are worth the expense and if you do them right they can be one of the best marketing decisions you can make!

The main purpose of trade shows is to reach out to new customers. Trade shows are unique because the people you contact thereĀ want to hear your pitch. They are seeking you out with the intent to learn about what you have to offer. This is a shining opportunity to make personal connections and make your company stand out to drastically expand your customer base.

Many trade shows have some media coverage and by attending you receive opportunity for media coverage. The smallest amount could go a long way in expanding your customer base and for increasing name recognition.

Trade shows are more than just an opportunity to expand your customer base. It is also a chance to really seek out and study your competition. You can learn about their services as well as their strategy. What works for them, and what kinds of things don’t. This kind of information is just as important and can be used to enhance your own marketing strategy!

As for what to bring to a trade show, you want to be sure to have everything that you need for your display. Have a good backdrop, some kind of presentation to display your products, make sure you have ordered power for your booth as needed and that you have business cards and pens. Always have a spare pen. But you also want to be sure to have some promotional products! They best way to go with this is unique and relevant! Some popular choices are: frisbees, pens, lighters, coasters, laser pointers, USB ports, etc. Bring products that people will use and make sure your brand stands out!

Trade shows are your chance to stand out and grow your customer base, but you have to be prepared! Comment with any questions, concerns, or things that you think are helpful to those looking to attend a trade show! For more information on promotional products, visit

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