What Goes Into Rebranding?

Rebranding is always a risky move, it can be disastrous to a company and ruin a brand… or it can change the game completely and add success and popularity to your  company. The trick is knowing how and when to rebrand, it’s all about asking the right questions!

The first question to consider is when is the right time to rebrand? Generally, you only want to consider it if your competition is taking over your market and you need to be noticed, or if your target audience is growing and adapting to the times. For example: JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Each book grew and adapted to meet the target audience. The books grew as the readers did to become more complex and more mature. You want your brand to grow with your target audience.

When it is time to rebrand you have to ask what are you trying to fix and what are you trying to convey? If the design isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it! GAP recently learned this the hard way as they tried to revamp a brand that already worked, there was nothing to fix and their marketing suffered for it. You want to have your new brand to hold parts of the original, otherwise your customers won’t recognize or connect to your company in the same way. You want a brand that reflects your culture and tells your story! Subway connected their brand to Jared and told his story and millions responded to the campaign!


In short: keep it true to your company, don’t have an identity crisis. Make it self evolving or easy to evolve. Make your brand unique to your culture.

Allow your design team to have free reign. Let them expand beyond the usual horizons and create a unique design. The less stress and control you impose on them, the better your new brand will be! Pick what resonates best with you and make sure to ask yourself, is it relevant and do your employees connect to it? If your employees connect to it and support it, they will display it proudly. And if your new brand is relevant, it will be noticed.

Old Spice has one of the most successful rebranding efforts. They came up with a story, a tag line, a relevant audience, old-spice-commercial-man-pan_10459and a memorable script that would stand out to the younger generation. Their brand is still relevant and has evolved over the years to stick with it’s target audience. They play on humor, but emphasize that real men  use Old Spice. They remained relevant, while connecting to their audience and succeeded in creating a story that employees could connect to.


In short: Make your rebranding relevant, goal oriented, and one that is true to your company culture.

And a last piece of advice: utilize urban dictionary and make sure your brand is not advertising what you wish it wasn’t. SciFi recently learned this lesson when they rebranded to SyFy without realizing that it was a slang term for syphilis. Needless to say, their new brand did not reflect their company…. we hope.

Be smart. Be careful. and good luck in your rebranding! For brand distribution, visit Namify.com and get connected with one of our sales reps!

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